Friday, March 6, 2015

Super omnes filios (Gn 37:3).

Surely God loves me very much. For I am his child and he takes care of me. He prepares everything good for me and wants me to be happy. However, not everyone is as good as my heavenly Father. Also I myself do not always try to love people as my sisters and brothers. It happens that I am jealous and greedy. I often think just about myself and my duties. Sometimes I'd rather kill others with my words and thoughts. If I have a bad day, I am not polite but ironical and unpleasant. I am not attentive enough to find the way how to help the needy, but focused on my own troubles. Nonetheless, my Father encourages me to forget myself and to go to the people so as to help them. Obviously, it is difficult and challenging but I am to follow Jesus Christ in this way. I can suffer from others but I need to be ready to share the Good News with them.

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