Sunday, March 8, 2015

Domus Patris (Jn 2:16).

Jesus is looking for the soul of man. He desires to abide there with his blessings and graces. However, this place is not usually prepared for him. Since a human being does a lot to fulfil  his soul with many things but Christ. Consequently, such a person is not happy because it is impossible to satisfy the longings of the soul with any things or ordinary people. Very deep in man there is a spriritual well which is created for the divine source. Accordingly, nothing from this world is able to satisfy it. Moreover, earthly treasures and desires can become its demons and destroy its inner beauty. For that reason, a wise man asks the Son of God to come and to make it clean again. Only Jesus has a power to renew the human soul and to change it for the temple of the Holy Spirit. Overall, the happiness of the soul depends on the fire of the divine love which flames inside it. Such an enkindled soul cannot be quenched but burns forever for the greater glory of God. 

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