Saturday, March 21, 2015

Adiutorium meum apud Deum (Ps 7:11).

God informs his saints about everything. Therefore, they know what will happen to the world. They receive this information because they do trust in the Lord. In addition, they prefer to listen to the Spirit than to people. They also ask God to take care of the world. They offer him their deep thoughts and plans. Sometimes their only refuge is in the Lord. For that reason, they pray asking God to save and rescue the world. They know very well that because of their justice and innocence they are heard by him. Consequently, they are sure that the malice of the wicked cannot destroy them. For their hearts and souls which are created by God are everlasting. This truth gives them strength and supports them. Overall, they are blessed because they keep the promise of the Lord in their hearts which helps them persevere in the dangerous time.

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