Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Audite verbum Domini (Is 1:10).

The Lenten season is the most suitable time for hearing the word of the Lord. Listening is also the essential thing in the spiritual life. If you listen to God carefully, you are taught everything. First of all, the heavenly Father wants to have you clean. Then, you are able to recognize the holy will of God and to imitate the Son of God. You can make justice and help their brothers and sisters. As a Christian you should not focus on your sins but rather try your best to become holy. Even the greatest sinners are able to return to God and start the decent life. If only you are willing and obey, you will receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit. You will rejoice and be glad while following the Lord. Offering the praise you will glorify God and as a result you will find salvation in the heavenly kingdom.

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