Saturday, March 14, 2015

Duo homines (Lk 18:10).

Are you convinced of your own righteousness? You would like to answer - yes for this question. But usually there is something you regret and you cannot say that you are absolutely innocent. Probably it is even better for you. If you did not have any guilt, it would be too easy to judge others. Although even now you are eager to judge people much more than yourself. It is always simple to think good about yourself and criticize others for something. If you do that, you quickly forget that very often you are also greedy and dishonest. So why do you put yourself higher than your sisters and brothers? Actually, there is no big difference between us. All of us are poor sinners and make wrong choices. What makes the difference is the attitude to sin. You can either ask for mercy or say that nothing happened. But just the truth and sincerity can bring you closer to God and humanity.

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