Tuesday, March 31, 2015

In lucem gentium (Is 49:6).

The Holy Week is the time for listening to God and praying. It is a high time to remind yourself that the Lord is calling you all the time. He wants to make you know that you are his beloved one. Moreover, he ensures you that you are strong enough to fulfil his mission. For the Holy Spirit works in you and strengthens you. Consequently, you are well prepared to cooperate for the salvation of humanity. Your inspiration should come from the Son of God who was always obedient to his heavenly Father. As a reward, you will also receive the everlasting life in the kingdom of God. You will be made glorious in the sight of the Lord. There you will rest in God and enjoy in the presence of the universal church from all around the world. For the time being, you are supposed to share with others this encouraging news. Your life is not to finish here on earth but has its fulfilment in heaven. May this truth give you more light in the dark moments of your existence.

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