Friday, March 13, 2015

Convertere (Hos 14:2).

Every day I need to return to the Lord, my God. Since all the time I make mistakes and commit sins. Nevertheless, the Son of God invites me through his words to come back. Therefore, I ask for forgiveness and mercy. Then, I can offer the gift of prayer and my sincere heart. There is no other way for happiness and peace in my life. For I have already tried many things and been in many places. However, I have found nothing better than God. Now I know that he heals my defection and loves me freely. Moreover, he purifies me and strengthens me with the divine power. For that reason, I can grow and prosper in sanctity. Thanks to the Holy Spirit I am also able to become holy and be a good example for my sisters and brothers. Eventually, I can abide with the Lord in the holy temple and contemplate his countenance. Also my life changes, I am more humble, wiser and prudent. I am able to love God and people with all my heart and strength.

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