Monday, March 2, 2015

Deus terribilis (Dn 9:4).

The awesome God wants to have the awesome children. Since as our Father he loves us very much. However, we are often stubborn and prefer to live our own way. Consequently, we commit sins, become wicked and do evil things. We do not like to be obedient but rather free and independent. Nonetheless, the Lord is compassionate and forgiving. He is still ready to help us change our life for better. Moreover, he forgets the iniquities of the past and always looks to the future optimistically. He is the one who can deliver us form our weaknesses and pardon our sins. We just need to come to him and confess our mistakes. Thus, having experienced God's mercy, we are able to live as merciful people. So we neither judge, nor condemn other. On the contrary we forgive and share the goodness. In such a way we follow the example of the heavenly Father.

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