Wednesday, November 15, 2023

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Whoever does not take up his cross and follow Me cannot be My disciple - Luke 14:27

Jesus has shown us which way to go. In pursuing the path of our respective callings, Jesus never promised anything good, never promised comfortable facilities, a luxurious life filled with wealth, etc. Jesus simply said follow Me and take up your cross. The cross is a symbol of endless suffering, misery, pain and sorrow. If we persist in the path of suffering that Jesus went through while persistently praying, surrendering ourselves completely to the will of God, we can be sure that there will be time for us to enjoy the comfort of life. 

The path of God's cross to Calvary was rocky, steep, slippery and Jesus walked under the very heat of sun. You can imagine the suffering that Jesus experienced at that time. However, because of His strength to endure, humility and great love for mankind, Jesus completely surrendered to the will of the Father until he finally died on the cross. On the third day as previously promised, Jesus rose from the grave. Happiness fills the hearts, souls and bodies of all His followers, including those of us who believe in Him today.

For those of us who call ourselves Christians (which means followers of Christ), Christ's teachings should be the solid foundation of our lives. If it is indeed the path of suffering that we must take now, take it with full confidence. One day there will be a day of resurrection, where the suffering ends, replaced by moments of joy and happiness. 

Following Jesus requires going through various kinds of suffering because that is the path He has walked. If Jesus, who is God, has gone through the path of pain and suffering, especially as weak humans, of course we must be able to pass through that path so that we can experience resurrection with God. Amen.

Reflection on Luke 14: 25-35 by Sr Yanti Purnawati SFSC
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