Saturday, October 17, 2020

Quod de intus (Lk. 11:40)


Saint Theresa wrote about her spiritual life experiences in her book entitled The Way of Perfection. She highlighted that inside us is a palace which God has built. The palace is so beautiful. And within it resides the reigning king, who reigned on the very throne, your heart." That is the palace of the heart, she said."

In the Gospel today, Jesus invites us to take good care of the palace of our hearts. As followers of Christ, we need to pay attention not only to external cleanness but also primarily to the cleanness of the heart. The heart as the palace of God should be kept clean, kept away from plunder and wickedness. Quality of life is determined by the harmony of birth and inner, inside and outside, between the heart and life's behavior (I don’t get the meaning). Jesus requires of each of us as his disciples a balance of life that reflects sincerity and honesty. That's the real heart palace.

Let us learn from the life of St Teresa of Jesus, who truly made her heart the abode of God. "If you do something wrong, do not blame yourself and another change." That is, if you have done something wrong, do not blame yourself and judge others. Believe me, the Lord will help us overcome our weaknesses and shape our lives according to His plan.

By Sr. Maria Venidora SND.

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