Monday, October 12, 2020

Laudate nomen Domini (Ps 113:1)


Every day is a good day to praise the Lord and worship his holy name. Actually, it is the best prayer with which each of us can start a new day. Although, there are many problems and anxiety in the world, let us praise the Lord. Although, you feel weak and depressed, let us praise the name of the Lord. Because everything could be grace if only we trust God wholeheartedly. Even decease and suffering is useful to grow in spiritual life. 

Consequently, from the rising of the sun, praised be the name of the Lord. Of course, we do not want to forget about the troubles and important issues nowadays. On the contrary, we like to put the Lord in the center of our attention. Yes, he is alive and he is working in the world. We are not left alone. The Lord is above and much stronger than all the most difficult things. We praise him because above the heavens is his glory. 

In addition, we are grateful for the gift of a new day. Even if we do not understand the circumstances. Even if there are wars in the world. Even if so many people are losing hope. We do not give up but praise the Lord. For we believe that he is powerful and mighty. He is able to change everything and heal everybody. That is why we start a new day with a song of praise. 

Overall, we do trust in the Lord, our God, who lives on high and takes care of the earth. As the patient Father, he looks from the heights and lifts his lowly servants. Yes, we are poor and sinful children. Nonetheless, from the beginning of the new day, we praise his holy name with courage. The very foundation of our prayer is his everlasting love for each of us. So we are glad praising and worshiping the Lord.  

By Fr. Jozef Trzebuniak, SVD.

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