Monday, October 26, 2020

Et hoc anno (Lk. 13:8)


"Sir, let this tree grow for another year. I will dig up the soil around it and fertilize it. Maybe next year it will bear fruit. If not, cut it! "

Jesus’ word in today's gospel teaches us about God's patience. Be patient with His people who always commit the same sins and mistakes. He is tolerant of us who often do not appreciate His creation and who are not grateful for all the received gifts. How patient and forgiving our God is. Since we were born, each of us carried out our missions. Unfortunately, not everyone is fully aware of that. Nowadays, many people live in vanity. Some youth and even adults enjoy parties, drink alcohol, and consume narcotics. These have set a trend of life in big cities. Their lives are wasted in vain while in other parts of the world, there are still many poor and homeless people who die because of hunger—what a sad reality.  

On various occasions, God still opens-up opportunities for us to come to repent and return to Him, do as many good deeds as possible so that someday we could enjoy eternal life. When someone is still alive after experiencing a deadly accident while driving a car or motorcycle and being drunk, that is God's time to show His great love and compassion. When there are heavy floods and severe earthquakes, and many people die, God rebukes, awakens, and reminds us that our life is just like leaves. Today, it is still green and fresh, but,  tomorrow it will turn yellow and withered, fall, and return to the ground. Until when do we last on the path of iniquity? It's not too late to return to God's way. Before God, we are like a shady tree without fruit. While the Gardener is still patient, let us try to stretch the roots as far as possible to find the source of water, namely God Himself.  Peace of God be with you all. 

By Sr. Yanti Purnawati, SFSC.

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