Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vita Sancti Antonii

Saint Anthony is a famous hermit because of his ascetic life and special God's vocation. His conversation with God could look like that:
God (speaking in his heart): Anthony, Anthony!
Anthony: Yes, I am listening to you.
God: Anthony, would you like to become my friend?
Anthony: Me? What should I do?
God: If you want to be perfect, go and sell all you have. Then come and follow me.
Anthony: But, I have young sister and our parents do not live.
God repeats: Do not be scared, Anthony. Just come and follow me.
Anthony: My Lord, I am ready to leave everything, but what about her future.
God:  Do not be anxious about tomorrow. 
Anthony: So if you say that, I trust in you. And all my cares I hand over to you.
God:  Anthony, you will have riches in heaven.
Anthony: Thank you, my Lord. I will do all you wish.
God: Amen. Thank you, Anthony my friend.
Anthony bows his head, knees down and prays in the silence.

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