Thursday, January 26, 2012

Meditation on Jeremias (Jer 50)

They will come weeping and seek the Lord their God.
Weeping is very important for us - human beings. Our tears can help us to clean our souls and prepare for the deep relation with God. 
The sheep have forgotten their resting place.
When we forget to regret and be close to God, there is no peace in our life. We feel lost and anxious.
The lions have driven them away.
Sometimes even we are carried by events and matters, but we do not want that. Nothing seems to be under controll and we do not know what is going on.
I will kindle the fire in their cities.
We need inspiration from God and His grace. We have to be kindled by His power from heaven, because we are like candles which are useful only with flames.
Make the arrows bright!
We have got some hidden arrows - the gifts from our God. If our life is not kindled, we even do not see them. But they are to be used.
With you I will do many things.
Do we really believe that God wants to cooperate with us in everything? Do we allow Him to do that?

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