Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ecce ego ecce (Is 65:1)

We have visited the largest city in the state of Louisiana - New Orleans. The weather was beautiful with the temperature around 20 - 30 degrees Celsius (70 - 90 Fahrenheit). In this city we have seen many different individuals and customs. Everybody was looking around to find happiness and sensual pleasure. Crowded pubs, playing bands in the streets, girls dancing and many shops with jewellery and souvenirs. It was very hard to think about what is really important in our life. It was very difficult to think at all. Everyone was going somewhere, looking around and trying not to loose oneself. Of course, there was also a cathedral in this weird city, but its entrance was usually closed and nobody seemed to be interested in praying there. However, some devout individuals were walking through the streets and thinking why not long ago the Hurricane Katrina hit this area. Maybe the people here have forgotten that God wants to be praised and present in their lives always - also when they are having fun.

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