Monday, January 16, 2012

One heart, many faces

The feast of Saint Arnold Janssen founder of the Society of Divine Word occurs in the Divine Word College. It is the special time in my life when I can see again with my own eyes that wonderful mission idea of our founder comes true. We are gathered together from about thirty countries, from all continents, from different races and cultures to celebrate the day of death of Saint Arnold. Usually here we speak English, but sometimes you can hear also many other languages from the whole world. During mass we saw beautiful procession led by Beninese student with the cross wearing white alb, two Vietnamese sisters clothed in national costumes followed him carrying candles and after them four other students, two from Africa and Asia brought the globe and the holy Bible and at the end the Carribean and American students offered bread and wine for the Holy Eucharist. In the background we were listening to the soft meditative song and our prayers were rising toward heaven. We thought of thousands of SVD, SSpS and SSpSAP missionaries in the world, helping people in needs, living with them and sharing everything with the poor, sick and abandoned.  

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