Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fortitudo mea et laus mea Dominus (Is 12:1)

Today's midday prayer is a prayer of the just man who places his hope in the things of heaven (St Hilary):
Let me dwell in your tent for ever and hide in the shelter of your wings (Ps 61). To pray in such words is very difficult, because praying person needs to have absolute trust in God. But nowadays people do not know how to trust. They do not trust each other and therefore they are not able to place their hope in God. Emmanuel is waiting for them in his tent - the church and wants them to find hiding place there. He would like to shelter everybody under his wings of love.  However, people do not go to him for help. They are unhappy and impatient. They like to find the answers to their problems in the mass media, but there is only a lot of noise. Sometimes it would be much better to take a stroll in the silence and say the rosary believing that the Almighty is very close to us. Hiding in the tree with the withered and rustling leaves as well as in the cross.

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