Monday, January 30, 2012

The Lord is my shepherd (Ps 22)

But as for me, in the abundance of your kindness 
I will come into your house.
I will bow toward your holy temple in reverence of you.
Lead me, Yahweh! (Ps 5:7).
My head you have anointed with oil;
my cup is overflowing (Ps 22:7).

Thoughts during the Eucharist on the Feast of Saint Joseph Freinademetz.

It is worth to be a priest, even only for saying one mass.
It is worth to be ordained, even only for hearing one confession.
It is worth to become a missionary, even only for salvation of one soul.

It is necessary to be listening in such a way to hear only one word of God.
It is needed to be looking in such a way to see just only one deed of God.
It is wanted to be living in such a way to walk everywhere with God.  

One passage written by saint Theresa in her book
The Way of Perfection describes the next level of contemplation:
Such a person understands that, without any sound of words, 
he is being taught by this Divine Master. 

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