Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Inclina aurem tuam (Ps 17:6)

Psalm 17: 6 says: “I call upon you, for you will answer me, O God; incline your ear to me; hear my words”.
It is important to deal with any form of stress or anxiety. David wrote this because he was anxious. We need to trust that God listens to us when we pray or cry out to Him.
Every stage of life has something to be anxious about. We think that if we only get to the next stage, it will alleviate the stress, but that is rarely the case. Yes, there are some smoother moments than others, but anxiety is part of the human experience. God uses it as a tool to show us that we were made for Heaven, and that we need Him.

God wants to teach us to grow in our faith through anxiety; to learn to trust and walk in strength with Him. 
Are you stuck with your fears and anxiety, or are you truly giving them to the Lord? I have ever gone through numerous times when I do feeling that God is silent. After praying, I still feel like the same before praying. I am still anxious and dread and I have had those times. Maybe I will have them again. 

Sometimes, I think probably I am not faithful but I keep coming to cry out to God. If you have been in these situations keep coming to God and never stop to cry out to Him because it is a part of the Christian experience.
Remember don’t give up because the fact is He does listen. Not only does He listen, but He already knows what we are going through.
Today through your anxiety, trust deeper in your faith realizing that God does listen.
Have a blessed day all. 

By Martha, Australia.

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