Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Dominus ipse est Deus! (1 Kings 18:39)

In the old testament, God made people of Israel as a chosen nation. God made them went out from the oppression of Egypt and guided them to enter the promised land. Nevertheless, they were often unfaithful and devoted to the other gods.

Elijah was one of the big prophets who had been sent by God to realise Israel that they should return to God as a one God for them. Hence, there were no other gods besides God from Abraham, Isaak, and Jacob. What Elijah did was recognising the people of Israel to admit God as their Lord.

Learning from people of Israel, sins separate us from God and unfaithful is a sin that we often do. We are doing it through our actions and words. Sometimes, we say we believe in God but our heart is far from Him. Nevertheless, God always loves us and accepts us although we are sinners. God has never abandoned us even though we are unfaithful to Him. He is calling us every day and waiting for our response.

Let us purify our hearts and make the decision again to believe and love God with our whole heart. He wants us to become faithful disciples and use us to spread the good news. There are so many people who lost love and hope, and they need God’s grace through us.

Our selves are the best gift for others. By giving ourselves for others, we and all people can glorify and praise God’s name that He is the only God.   

By  Aris Mada, SVD

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