Thursday, June 25, 2020

Domine, Domine (Mt 7:21)

A good child usually wants to do the will of his parents. Similarly, a good Christian is eager to fulfill the will of the heavenly Father. The problem is to know precisely what the will of God is. Obviously, there are big decisions and the simplest ones. However, the crucial thing is to know what you are supposed to do in accordance with the will of God. There are tasks and duties which you are going to accomplish. There are people who depend on you and they also need your attention. Nevertheless, your most important task is to listen to God's voice carefully. 
Every day your loving Father reminds you that you are his beloved child. If you hear God speak to you in this way, you are settled on the rock. You are strong enough to overcome the bad circumstances and all sorts of difficulties in your life. Moreover, you do not fall because you know your dignity as a precious child of God. You are a wise person if you follow the gentle voice in your soul which comes from the Holy Spirit. 
Maybe you are tired and exhausted by all your struggles and fights you have already faced. Maybe you just need to let God speak to your heart. You can be sure that just one word which comes from the mouth of Jesus can make a miracle in you and in the relations with your friends. 
Ask the Spirit of God to open the ears and eyes of your soul, so you could hear and see Jesus Christ. He is always present at your side. Especially, when you are crying and struggling. He wants to encourage you. Let him be your companion and best friend all the time. 

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