Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Fidelis Dominus (2 Thes. 3:3)

Where have you seen God's faithfulness in your own life?  God's faithfulness can be vividly depicted in each of us in every stage of our lives. For example, for married people, it can be seen when their marriage is restored. For someone who decides to be a single, God's faithfulness may fill the void of her/his loneliness.  God's faithfulness may be delivering us from sins and kindly providing our needs. There are so many little or even big things that we can see God's faithfulness.
When I face a problem, sometimes, I feel that it is all about me and I start to blame myself. I can't see where God is and I feel alone. It is difficult to believe even a close friend but I finally realized that I am not alone. I have God who is closer than I know. I can tell all my feelings to Him. I learned from my loneliness that I should trust that God is faithful. I learned God's faithfulness when I had fallen and He cares enough to catch me.
If we found ourselves sometimes in a season of doubt, just remember about the story of Peter when he doubted Jesus. He had seen how faithful God was as written in the story that God immediately pulled Peter out the water and lifted him into the boat. We can always stand on God's faithfulness anytime in the situation we need Him.  So whatever we are facing, God is faithful today and forever.
Thank God for His faithfulness to me and please continue to strengthen me in Your presence.
By Martha, Brisbane.

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