Saturday, June 10, 2017

Reddamus honorem (Tb 12:1)

Giving thanks is crutial in a Christian's life. First of all, we must show thankfulness towards God and then also the angels, saints and people. When you give thanks, you acknowledge that you depend on others. It also shows the attitude of your heart that you are eager to share the prosperity and richness of your soul. If you know how to be thankful, you are at peace and loved by others. However, you need to thank discreetly and not to make it public. 
The grateful Christian always praises God and respects good people around him. He is sure that his life is a gift and that he has received everything. For that reason, you are supposed to bless the Lord of all creation and do good for his creatures. The best way of giving thanks is praying and supporting your brothers and sisters in their lives. For when you pray, good angels present your intentions before the Glory of the Lord. Thus, goodness and holiness spread throughout the whole world. Moreover, the human hearts are being healed and filled with the divine grace.

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