Saturday, June 24, 2017

Audite et attendite (Is 49:1)

The foundation of the spiritual life is listening to God. The point is to get to know when the Lord is speaking. Actually, he is your first Teacher, from the moment of your conception. Through his angels and by the power of the Holy Spirit, you are constantly being taught how to live. The Lord tells you what your vocation is and which path you should choose. Not all roads are appropriate for you. For this reason, as a disciple, you are to follow his instructions and go further in holiness. If you decide to hear the voice of the Lord, you can be sure that your life will have a purpose and deeper meaning. Also, your strengths and talents will be used for good purposes. Finally, you will receive your reward in the heavenly kingdom and be reconciled with God. Your life is worth living since you are being formed by the Lord. Thus, you become a holy person who fulfils the will of God. Moreover, in this way, you show others the example of a Christian life. You are glorious in the sight of the Lord and become a light to all the people on the earth.

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