Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Fiduciam habemus (2 Cor 3:4)

As a weak person I have confidence through Christ toward God. For I am aware that I can fall, make mistakes and even commit sins. Therefore, I am not worthy to take credit for any good as coming from myself. Because everything what is good in my life comes from the grace of God. I am only a minister of the holy sacraments and a preacher of the Good News. 
Accordingly, I try my best to be connected in the Holy Spirit with the Lord. Thus, my life can be maintained and sustained. In addition, I am able to help my sisters and brothers in their stuggles and difficulties. Obviously, I cannot divine the mistery of the God's presence in the world. I just see the pieces of such a great Holiness and do the ministry of righteousness among people. 
I feel that the divine glory surpasses me all the time. I also accept that I will finally fade and die. Nonetheless, I keep strong faith that I will be enjoying the everlasting life in the heavenly kingdom of God.

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