Monday, June 5, 2017

Ave gratia plena (Lk 1:28)

Angels support all people in the world, but they particularly protect all mothers. These heavenly spirits are sent by God to look after women who are about to give birth. In addition, the angels take care of all the single women who are in need. God created this beautiful world and ordered his servants to be with all of mankind. Thus, God knows every person by name and no one is excluded from his fatherly love. As the best Father, he reminds every woman about her own beauty and the special vocation to be a mother biologically and spiritually. Therefore, every woman should be aware of God's call and fulfill these divine ordinances. Even if fear appears in a woman's heart, with God's grace everything is possible for the one who believes. The heavenly Father, through the good spirits and other people, leads a woman and assures her that she is never alone. Every woman is the beloved daughter of God and throughout her whole life she is also invited to discover this divine favor. She is supposed to give life and bear fruit for the world. The most precious fruit is Jesus, the Son of God, whom every person can bring into the world thanks to the power of the Holy Spirit.

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