Friday, September 4, 2020

Discipuli tui (Lk. 5:33)


Human life is often occupied with various occupations. People are busy working to make ends meet, exercising to keep up their stamina, engaging in social, religious, and social activities. Being busy meddling in the lives and habits of others also becomes part of our lives. Sometimes we spend our time, our opportunities, and our calm to comment on and assess the lives of others. What others do when they are our enemies, it's always wrong because we've judged negatively.

The Gospel today tells us that some Pharisees were busy asking why did Jesus' disciples not as fast as John's disciples? Was it because they were curious about them, or did they have some other purpose in order to entrap and overthrow Jesus? In our daily lives, such things often happen both in religious communities, in our society, and in our workplace. We're faced with the same problem. Jealousy, curiosity, gossip, judging, and slander often happen. Jesus likened himself to a bridegroom who was always ready to give us all that he had, the privileges of joy, comfort, even sacrificing himself for our salvation. Jesus always showed open arms to those who accepted him. In Jesus, there is hope, love, and comfort. With Jesus, there is a perfection of life that no one, not even the world, can give.

As followers of Christ, we ought to be witnesses of faith, we are required to strive to become like Jesus, who can love, accept, and enter into a good, wholesome, harmonious, and sincere relationship with everyone without discrimination. We must be "a blessing" to those around us, lest we become "a burden" to others. Let us live as martyrs of Christ ready to die and defend the weak.

By Sr. Maria Venidora, SND.

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