Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Spiritum, qui ex Deo (1 Cor. 2:12)


Before Jesus was lifted to heaven, He promised a helper to accompany his disciples while they travel and spread the good news. Jesus’s disciples felt it when the Pentecost day come. Holy Spirit came upon them. Consequently, they could speak in various languages so that many people understood them. For the Holy Spirit was their strength.

According to the letter of Apostle Paul to Corinthians, there are two kinds of spirit, namely, the spirit of the world and the Spirit of God. They contradict each other. People with the spirit of the world cannot accept the spirit of God without conversion. For that reason, Paul invited his listeners to move from the spirit of the world towards the Spirit of God. Paul asked them to accept the Holy Spirit and believe in Jesus Christ.

Nowadays, the spirit of the world can be understood as hatred and envy which separates people. The root of the spirit of the world is egoism which makes people destroy each other and even nature. We can see around us wars in many countries, vandalism, human trafficking, and poverty. Even, the innocent earth is broken by human egoism. On the other hand, the Spirit of God can be seen in love which establishes unity, solidarity, friendship, and other universal values.

To this world, God sends the Holy Spirit to recover human’s heart from egoism and hatred. His presence makes people more compassionate and sympathetic to one another. The Spirit of God helps all people comprehend God’s wisdom. Because humans have the responsibility to keep God’s commandments and promote love in the world.

Let us ask God to pour out the Holy Spirit upon us and all people, so we can love each other and protect our nature as a common home in which we could live peacefully.

By Fr. Aris Mada, SVD.

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