Friday, September 25, 2020

Christus Dei (Lk. 9:20)


When we are alone and pray, many thoughts come to our minds. We also realize that we are surrounded by people. Their needs and problems accompany us while we are with God.

Jesus Christ knows how to find a balance between talking with the Father and his disciples. However, for us, it is very difficult to divide time for spiritual and earthly matters. For that reason, when we are to pray, we think about our tasks and problems. And when we are going to work, we are not able to focus properly.

Jesus wants us to ask ourselves and answer some important questions. The most important – who Jesus Christ is for you. Probably, you’ve already heard many answers. Probably, you’ve already answered using your mind. But the answer should arise from your heart. You are to respond with love.

Jesus always tries to ask if you love him with your whole heart and mind. And he is waiting for your answer. Because it  is the question about your love towards the Son of God, you cannot find the answer in books or in other places.

Talking with God is something personal and consequently, it is not easy to share with others. Nonetheless, we should try to express our love with human words. We don’t need to tell everyone about our spiritual experience, but we are invited to encourage one another.

We are to love Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our salvation. Thus, we will be able to overcome all the difficulties, struggles, and problems that we encounter. O Lord Jesus, the Son of God, help us understand and love God forever and ever. Amen.   

By Fr. Józef Trzebuniak, SVD.

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