Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Iustificata est sapientia ab omnibus filiis suis (Lk 7:35).

Wisdom is vindicated by all her children.

 Often we behave like children and do not want to take responsibility for our life. Obviously, it is easier because everything seems to be funny. However, the truth is that we live in the real world. And we are not allowed to spend our whole time just playing and joking. There are periods in our life when we suffer and in this situation we must stand face to face with problems. Therefore, we need to prepare ourselves for it very carefully. Sometimes it is even necessary to find time and place for being alone with God. In such a way we become strong enough with divine inspiration to overcome difficulties. Other time we are to meet with people and cooperate with them in their daily life. For being sympathetic with people in need is also a good way to improve ourselves. Overall, our prayer is always a good solution and it gives us inner peace and freedom from things which are complicated. During prayer we receive strength and light from above to lead a wise life in the world.

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