Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Aemulamini autem charismata maiora (1 Cor 12:31).

Do all this mighty deeds.

Everyone is needed in the Kingdom of God. For God the Father wanted each one to exist and have a special task to do. Obviously, there are various kinds of vocations in the human community. Nonetheless, every creature has life which originates in God's Spirit. And this Spirit guides and leads us in our life. As a result, some people are teachers, others students, some doctors, and some have other responsibility. The reason is to support and help each other. Not everybody is called to do great things, but even small ones are necessary to be done and someone has to take such a work. In addition, some of us are very close to God and others far away from their Creator. Therefore, we do need one another to encourage ourselves and see different points of view too. The thing is to strive eagerly for the greatest spiritual gifts. It is our main purpose to improve ourselves, especially in our spiritual life. So we are to let God work on us and to be obiedient to his divine will. It will bring us happiness and our life will be fulfilled with complacency. Also let us be thankful for everything in our life. Since there are so many blessings we receive every day from our God through the people we live with.    

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