Saturday, September 22, 2012

Exiit, qui seminat, seminare semen suum (Lk 8:5).

A sower went out to sow his seed.

Jesus is preaching and walking with us all the time. If only he sees someone who is interested in achieving wisdom, he is ready to enlighten this person. Of course, there are various attitudes to the Christ's teaching. And people are not always prepared to recieve it sufficiently. There are many distractions which hinder them to go deeper in the relationship with God. In addition, each of us has his own difficulties and has to overcome them too. However, it is not impossible to be in the frienship with Jesus Christ. There are examples of thousands of men and women who kept the deep relation with their Lord. As a result they gave beautiful fruits for the world. Today Jesus invites us again to attain the knowledge of the mysteries of the Kingdom o God. Therefore, with the psalmist we are to say that we are going to walk in the presence of our God in the light of the living. For we are sure that God is with us and we do trust in him without fear. Also we take vows to follow his steps and to listen to his words which Jesus has sowed for us through the gospel. 

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