Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Salva Ero | Be Cured

"If I but touch his clothes, I shall be cured" — Mark 5:28 (NAB).

Photo by Pexels from Pixabay

During the Lenten Season we come closer to Jesus. We want to touch him and be cured from our weaknesses and sins. If our relatives and friends are in need, we also ask for them.

Crowds always gathered around Jesus, but only a few people could experience their healing. What was special about Jairus and a woman afflicted with hemorrhages?

Jairus came forward and fell at the feet of Jesus. He went out from the crowds. He wasn't afraid of sharing in public about his daughter's condition.

But we are often shy to express our needs and troubles. We prefer to talk about our successes and joys. We do not like to share our problems and difficulties. We are not humble enough to talk about our true feelings and suffering.

For that reason, we can learn a lot from the brave man Jairus. Also, an afflicted woman can encourage us. We do not have to hide our worries for a long time. We should open our hearts and ask Jesus to lay his hands on us. Only in this way we can get well and start to live again.

We are fragile humans who suffered greatly at the hands and words of others. We were disappointed and left alone when it happened. So now we can become wiser and more prudent because we heard the Good News.

Moreover, he touched us many times through other people. He taught us through the Scriptures and healed us through the ministry of the Church. We can be cured by him immediately and preach the goodness of our Lord forever and ever.   

Reflection on Mark 5:21-30 by J√≥zef Trzebuniak
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