Wednesday, March 15, 2023

In Domum | House

"Go back to your house, to the people from your village, and tell them everything that God has done for you and how He has pity on you!" - Mark 5:19.

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Almost every day we hear God's message telling us to go home immediately. "Going home" has a very broad meaning, not only returning to where we came from, but also a gentle invitation so that we could always love ourselves day after day. Go home and return to ourselves which are sometimes far from other’s attention, far from the warm embrace of God's love too. Because we ourselves choose to leave the comfort and warmth of ourselves.  Sometimes we convince ourselves that we were not loved. We were rejected by our neighbors and at the end by these kind of thoughts, we fall into depression, alone and despair. By being so pessimistic, we bring ourselves away from the warmth of God's love which is real in others.

Truly God loved us very much because everything needed for life is always provided. How often we ignore the goodness He gives. Lenten is the right time to spend a little time reflecting on God's love and grace that we receive every day. 

Simple things are very important and are always considered as extraordinary things like the breath of life which is an example of God's great kindness. If the breath of life is taken from us, then all that is left is vanity. Because everything is not eternal. Only one thing will never end, that is God's love.

Reflection on Mark 5:11-20 by Sr. Yanti Purnawati SFSC

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