Monday, January 10, 2022

Promissio| Promise

“Jesus was given the Holy Spirit, just as the Father had promised... [He] has given the Spirit to us" — Acts 2:33.

Last Sunday on the 9th of January we celebrated the Baptism of the Lord. From this celebration which was described in the Gospel of Luke (3:21-22), we learn a lot for ourselves.

Jesus was able to perform many miracles because he was united with the Holy Spirit and the Father. He felt the strength and love of the Father during his mission on the earth. We as Christians also can make great things if we are in communion with the Holy Trinity. Moreover, all the people can receive such spiritual gifts because God the Father is omnipotent.

What kind of gifts are they? Apostle Paul reminds three of them: the gift of prophecy for sons and daughters, visions for young men, and dreams for old men.

At the beginning of the New Year, we would like to experience these supernatural gifts. Since there are so many doubts, anxieties, problems which we are to solve in this year. We know that sometimes miracles are necessary. Otherwise, we cannot manage everything.

The Word of God helps us to see these miracles in the sky above and on the earth below. It means in the spiritual and material world. Both in our soul and in our body. The Lord tells about the difficulties, darkness, and even blood which we must survive. But afterward, the wonderful day of the Lord will appear. That is the Good News.

My dear friends, sisters, and brothers in Christ Jesus, we can be saved if only we will ask our Lord for his mercy and grace. Let us work miracles, wonders, and signs in the name of Jesus. He is always near us and in our hearts. So we are to rejoice and to live in hope during the whole New Year 2022.

Reflection of Acts 2:14-36 by Fr. Józef Trzebuniak SVD.

(Listen to the Podcast here).

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