Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Connumeratus | Part of us

“...concerning Judas, who served as guide for those who arrested Jesus. In the past he was included in our number and took part in this ministry." — Acts 1:16-17

From today’s reading (Acts 1:15-26), I chose verse 16 and 17, which tell us about betrayal. Speaking of betrayal, we are invited to return to the past. The word “in the past” in verse 17, invites us to remember some memories when we were still with families, friends or relatives in the past. As humans, we have met a lot of people since we were kids. Some of them were good people but some were bad who sometimes only took advantage of friendship and togetherness. The betrayal experienced by Jesus tells how fragile our status as human beings is. Sometimes we easily fall, to the point of sacrificing other people who have taken part in our lives.

When we ourselves are betrayed, then as humans we will definitely feel a deep seated wound. At those moments, indeed we are not alone because Jesus had already experienced a heinous betrayal by his own disciple, Judas. Jesus accepted his betrayal with an open heart even though he probably felt deeply hurt when Judas kissed Him only to hand Him over to the executioners. Without saying a word, Jesus surrendered and gave himself wholeheartedly without trying to defend himself even though He was completely innocent. Because of Jesus' example, we are expected to be able to understand the situation of those who betray us and even we are asked to be able to forgive sins and mistakes that have been made. It is very hard but if with broken hearts we surrender everything sincerely to God, surely He will comfort us in time and will give recompense to those who hurt us in God’s own way. 

So in the course of time, if we are strong in facing difficult times, troubles and trials, we will be able to reminisce those stories with a smile of victory because those who planned something evil against us have found the answer from God.

Reflection on Acts 1:15-26 by Sr. Yanti Purnawati SFSC
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