Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Velox ad audiendum (James 1:19)

What is more difficult – listening or speaking? There are people who like to speak and there are others who prefer to listen. What kind of person are you? What is easier for you – listening or speaking? Actually in the relation with God we need to listen more carefully. The Lord is the One who is to speak and teach us. However, nowadays there are obstacles to focus on the word of God. It is not easy to meditate because there are so many noises around us. Almost all the time we are online and try to communicate with friends.
Today God wants us to break up with bad habits that are still in us. He asks us to accept his calling in order to save our souls. For that reason, we must do what the Lord tells us. It is not enough to listen to the Scriptures. We need to act and live according to the holy word.
The Lord speaks to your soul directly in the silence of prayer. He talks with you when you meditate on the divine word. You just need to look at his holy face and follow his teaching. In this way you will find happiness.
We are religious people and Christians. Accordingly, we are to spend more time in silence before the Lord. During our personal prayer we are to wait for the light of the Holy Spirit. In our daily life we also have to hear our sisters and brothers. As Jesus’ disciples we should know their needs and problems. If we get to know them better, we will not focus on ourselves any more. On the contrary, we will become more sympathetic and helpful for them. If we listen with humble heart, we will understand the purpose of life which is offering yourself for the service of the needy.

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