Wednesday, March 4, 2020

In dilectione mea (Jn 15:9)

During the Lenten season we learn how to love God the Father. Prayer is a special occasion to talk about love with the Son of God. Moreover, we are invited to abide in the love of the Holy Spirit.
There are some requirements to love God and people. First of all, we have to obey the commandments. The commandments remind us to love God with the whole heart and to love one another similarly. Our words and deeds should be the proof of our love towards each other.
If we are peaceful and joyful, it is a good sign that we fulfil the God’s commandments and requirements. In this way we are to follow Jesus and imitate his example.
Jesus Christ prays with love, talks with love and touches the sick with love. He teaches us to forget about ourselves and our own needs.
In the holy season we should focus on God and our friends. What really does God want me to do? What is the need of my sister or brother? What do they want to share with me? Do I hear Jesus speaking to me?
And Jesus says: “You are my friend. I make you know everything about your heavenly Father. You are a beloved child of God. I choose you for an extraordinary mission so that you could achieve the heavenly kingdom”.

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