Monday, January 18, 2021

Diligo in veritate | I love in the truth

 "Whom I love in the truth" (3 John 1:1).

The foundation of a good relationship is love and the truth. It happens that there is romantic love which finishes quickly because lovers do not know each other very well. Even the family can be broken if people do not want to accept the truth about themselves. There are so many cases which we know from our own life. 

The third letter of John teaches us how to build a strong bond between people. He acknowledges that mutual love is the foundation of such a relation. But at the same time, he adds that prayer is necessary to support and understand each other. The beloved disciple of Jesus is aware that as human beings we consist of body and soul. For that reason, we are to pay attention and take care of the whole person. We also long for the truth. The truth is like water for the fish. We neither can exist nor live peacefully if we are surrounded by lies. 

On the other side, if we live in the truth and love, we are happy and fulfilled with the Holy Spirit. The truth of Christ enables us to do good and help others, even though they are strangers to us. Furthermore, the community of believers becomes stronger when the members work together for the truth.  It is not about being the wisest or holiest in the group or in the church. We are to imitate Jesus Christ, the Word of God, the Truth who comes from God. Because we are children of God who travel through the world towards the heavenly kingdom. Let us keep the truth and love of Christ in our hearts.

By Fr. Józef Trzebuniak, SVD.

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