Monday, January 11, 2021

Diligatis alterutrum | Love one another

This is the message you have heard from the beginning: We should love one another. —1 John 3:10

How do we love like Jesus, that extraordinary kind of love that is unconditional, unlimited, tireless and life changing? 

In today's passage, apostle John reiterated that we should love one another. He then went into the definition of love through the example of Jesus giving His life for us, and ended beautifully with an instruction on how one should love. 

While the world's definition of love now is being relegated to anything that is close to convenience, there should be no confusion on how we should love one another the Jesus way, which is loving in truth and action, not in word or speech.

There is no example more powerful than what Jesus has shown us. His life is a series of acts of lovepraying, preaching, healing the sick, feeding the poor, carrying the cross, and dying for us. 

In between the humble circumstances of his birth and the glory and honor after his death, Jesus perhaps savors the ordinary days when he was able to help, to act, to love.

When I say I love God but fail to help others in need, even if I have the resources available, I cannot claim that I love in truth and action.  Or when I only show concern and favor to those who can repay me, when I am impatient for other's shortcomings and do not do anything to correct them, I cannot claim that God's love abides in me.

Love is action. To love is to do something that will represent your truth and identity as a child of God and as a follower of Jesus.

May the Lord help us to love in truth and action. There is no better time that calls for it than now.

Reflection on 1  John 3:11-18 by Kristine Gay Garcia

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