Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Cum Deo meo (Is 49:4)

You need to hear the Lord and listen to his message carefully. Remember that he calls you everyday when you read the Holy Bible. The Lord reminds you that he takes care of you from the beginning of your life. Therefore, you should not worry but only trust in him. 
The Lord knows you better than everyone else. In him you can find the source of your life. He gives you power and strength to fulfill your vocation. You are always in his hands and for that reason you can feel safe in every situation. 
Your task is to act as his servant on the earth and to share his glory among the people. When you follow him and find out his holy will, everything you do is meaningful. Moreover, by the Holy Spirit the Lord makes your life joyful and fills your heart with gladness. 
If you abide with the Lord, you become happy and peaceful. Although you experience difficulties, you shine with the divine light. For you follow the Lord and preach the Good News. Thus, the salvation reaches to the ends of the earth. 

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