Thursday, March 22, 2012

An angelic dream

If I were an angel
Who dreams to descend from heaven
To feel a tender puff of wind in the field,
To touch a drop of dew with his finger,
To taste a sweet cake like a joyful child,
To smell the scent of flowers in the spring,
And to admire the highland landscape,

I would ask a favor from my Creator
Who can make all dreams come true
To give me a sensitive body and warm heart,
To open my hands for embracing the creatures,
To put on my face a sincere smile,
To let the brisk air irritate my nostrils,
And to make me marvel at tiny miracles.

And God performed an amazing wonder,
Asked me to close my eyes,
Silenced my thoughtful mind,
Showed me a mysterious land,
And invited me

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