Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Women's work

It is very clear and evident that women work more than men in their homes. I know that from my experience in my native country. And what is very interesting that I have never thought about the reasons of that situation. But now when I am writing, I realize that it is very complicated and there is not a simple answer. One idea which comes to my mind is that women in my country usually do their domestic work voluntary and do not seem to treat that as any disadvantage. Moreover, often in our Polish families husbands spend more time in their steady job and come home later than wives, so they simply cannot do these works. Furthermore, the truth is that mothers usually want to dedicate their free time to their small children and find it satisfying. However, if the members of family really love each other and are responsible persons, they divide their task evenly. And in such families it does not matter if you are a woman or a man, but both of them treat each other as an equal. This condition is ideal, but I personally know many families where the things are like that. So in my opinion undoubtedly everything depends on people and their awareness of the Biblical message that they are created as men and women in God's image. Consequently, they both represent the same value and have the same rights and duties.            

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