Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Christi apostoli (1 Tes 2:7)

We all are brothers and sisters in Christ. Our thoughts, words, actions are not without effect. Everything we do or think or speak has influence on us and other people. Therefore, we always have to pay attention and be careful. 
Sometimes we have bad experiences with people. Maybe in the past we were hurt by someone. Maybe now we have a hard time in the place where we live. Nonetheless, we are to draw courage through our God to speak the Gospel to everyone. Even if we struggle, we are invited to share the Good News. It is the same what Jesus did in his time and also many holy men and women. 
God chose us as his beloved children. That is why we are worthy to preach and to give a good testimony of Christian life. We neither live for ourselves nor for others. Overall, we live to praise our heavenly Father and his Son and the Holy Spirit. We are to please God who judges our hearts. 
Nowadays the world needs such witnesses who are trustworthy and brave enough. For every soul, every man, and all the universe longs for God. There is nothing else which can satisfy our longings but God. Accordingly, let us help each other to find the source of happiness and inner peace. Always with a gentle heart and love towards our brothers and sisters. 
With such affection we will be able to share with the needy not only the Gospel of God but our very selves as well. Let us love one another and make good effects on people. May our thoughts, words, actions be in accordance with the will of God. It is possible if we are united with Christ through the holy sacraments and word of God. 

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