Saturday, July 21, 2018

Ecce dilectus meus (Mt 12:18)

The circumstances can be difficult. The sufferings can put you down. The people can fight against you. But you always can escape and find shelter at the God's side.
Firstly, you need to name your problems and face them bravely. Secondly, you are to stay with your friends and help the needy. Since there are also people who love you and whom you love. Thirdly, listen to the Word of God which can be your strength and light. Thus, you realize that you are created and chosen by God. So you are never alone. Furthermore, you are loved by the Lord. Jesus Christ takes delight in you and places his Spirit upon you. 
Consequently, you are also called to rejoice and to share the Good News among people. They do not have to follow you. But you can be gentle and kind towards all of them. You should neither cry nor force them to do anything. Your good example is enough. 
Be like Jesus who was humble and trustful even when he was abandoned by his own friends. Keep hope and faith. Do not give up. In this way, you are to overcome all the difficulties and find place in the Kingdom of God.

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