Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Deus sempiternus Dominus (Is 40:28)

During your prayers and meditations you meet with the Holy One. You experience his presence and the divine peace enters your soul. Similarly while you contemplate the wonders of nature, you discover the God's hand which is hidden in the universe. For God the Father keeps all the creatures in His power and leads them properly. Thanks to God's might and strength they prosper and live. 
However, some people do not trust in the Lord. They think that he is not present in their lives. They try to decide about everything on their own. Even if they have heard about the Creator, they do not pay attention to his laws and statutes. For that reason they easily faint and despair. Especially when the difficulties appear and something goes wrong. 
On the contrary, those who believe in God and hope in the Lord renew their strength every day. They fly like eagles and attain the divine wisdom. They are strong because they fulfill God's will. Accordingly, they bless the Lord who is merciful and gracious for all.