Sunday, 18 March 2018

Via et veritas et vita (Jn 16:4)

Anyone who pursues a conscious journey to God has to take a definite path. For us Christians, the path and the destiny are the same, Jesus Christ the truth. One can be sure that this road although less travelled, brings the promise of fullness of life. But it’s not easy to walk on this path. It means thinking like him, acting like him and speaking like him even at the cost of losing our own lives. In a way it’s about taking his values and life principles to our hearts and putting them into loving actions to the benefit of others. This is where love of God and love of neighbour meet. This is the path that leads to true life and liberation. God knows our limitations, our tendency to side track and he is ever ready to take us back by hands and put us in the right track. We can always approach him in our difficulties, confusions like our brother and friend. He would always answer us in the best ways that suits us. Let us keep our hope alive to reach him and to be with him (sr. Jessy Paul SSpS).

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Ego sum vitis (Jn 15:5)

Jesus uses a beautiful imagery from his surrounding to highlight the process of communion that is possible between He and a disciple and its outcome. The credit of the fruit bearing activity does not solely depend on branch alone but the vine. It is the vine that nourishes every branch and leaves through an inflow of life giving elements. A true disciple is to understand this fact that his/ her origin, existence and identity is in God. When we bear fruit - on the basis of the principles ‘love of God and neighbour’- we are in fact reflecting the nature of God.  Whether are aware or not the Holy Spirit resides in each of us and replenishes our soul. The call of the hour may be to awaken ourselves to this reality that God is active and alive in us.  ‘Walking in God consciousness’ at every moment and treasuring the word of God within will indeed find results in communion with God, neighbour, oneself and nature (by s. Jessy Paul SSpS).

Monday, 26 February 2018

Nobis confusio faciei (Dn 9:8)

The Lent is a proper time to strengthen our love towards God the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Although we fulfill God's commandments, we should also know why we do that. The first reason comes from our heart which wants to respond with love. However, it happens that we make mistakes and forget about our main vocation which is to love God and one another. So often we do evil and behave like people without love. Consequently, we do not listen to each other but try to reach our own goals in life. While we are not obedient, we do not hear the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit.
Therefore, in this special period we should spend more time for prayer. We are to acknowledge our offenses and weaknesses. It is not important if we are near or far from the Lord. Since every situation and moment of life is good to come closer and feel his presence. Yes, all of us are shamefaced for having sinned against our God. But we cannot lose faith in the Lord whose name are compassion and forgiveness. We do regret our trespasses and egoism in our daily life. However, we promise to make the difference and pay heed to your commands, o merciful God. 

Monday, 12 February 2018

In tentationibus variis (Jas 1:2)

You should discover your vocation and try to recognize the will of God. If you accept that you are a servant who needs to follow the example of Jesus Christ, you will be peaceful and happy. Even if troubles come, you will not give up. If you encounter difficulties, you will go through keeping faith. Although you fall down and commit sin, you will not stop looking for holiness. 
Obviously, you could not be such a hero, without the divine grace. But with the gift of the Holy Spirit, you become perfect and complete. If you don't know what decision to make, ask for wisdom. If you are afraid, pray to God in order to grow stronger. If you lack joy, go to the church before the Holy Sacrament. 
Since everything is possible for the one who trusts in the Lord. On the contrary, the person who doubts is often depressed and unhappy. The true Christian is stable in all ways and acts according to the conscience. Thus, they live a good life and receive the God's blessings. Moreover, the disciples of Christ help others to find God and to love him with the whole heart.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Spiritum immundum (Mk 7:25)

We learn from Jesus his attitude towards all the people. Even if he is tired or wants to be alone, he never rejects the needy. He knows very well the value of solitude and prayer but at the same time he cares and loves everyone. For that reason, when he sees someone in trouble, he tries to help this person. 
People on the earth have many problems in various fields. They become sick in their soul and body. Moreover, the evil spirit tempts them so they commit sins. Sometimes they decline morally so low that they are not able to get up on their own. It happens that they cannot find consolation. 
Therefore, Jesus Christ teaches us to spot the lowly and to answer with love. He encourages people to fall into the arms of God. He does not give the simple lessons but he is very strict and demanding. 
In this way, Jesus helps the needy to express their main problem. While he notices that the person is humble, he makes the miracle. His words have the power to make demons escape. From Jesus' life we take a lesson of faith and love towards God the Father and towards every man and woman.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Propter arcam Dei (2 Sm 6:12)

Every encounter with the Lord gives joy into your heart. When you come closer to him, you feel his presence more and more. When you offer your time for him, you achieve peace and happiness. In his holy presence, you are at home.
So rejoice and praise the Lord as often as you can. Join the community of believers and sing the beautiful song of worship. Invite the Lord into your soul and prepare place for him. 
Yes, he wants to stay with you all the time. Therefore, pitch the tent for the Lord and journey through life with him. Offer to the Lord everything you have and everything you are. 
Do not be ashamed to love him more than others and show him your attachment. Thus, you will experience his blessing and will be able to share it with your sisters and brothers. 
It is your vocation as the beloved disciple of your Master. The Lord chooses you to help your beloved ones. You are the one who can distribute the divine graces to the world. His Holy Spirit operates through your deeds and acts. Overall, you are the herald of the Good News and the Kingdom of God.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Filius hominis (Mk 2:10)

There are days when you come closer to Jesus and feel his presence in your soul. You may have plenty of work and many tasks to do, but you welcome the Son of God and spend time with him. He is in the centre of your life and his words are noticed by you.
You tell Jesus about everything and share all your troubles and problems. Although you are not sure how to start and feel embarrassed, you have the courage to open yourself because you trust him wholeheartedly. 
While you are lost, fallen or depressed,  you look for Jesus and find consolation in his arms. When you make mistakes and commit sins, you let him embrace you with his love, mercy and compassion. 
Jesus Christ always speaks to you with a loud voice: 'Child, do not be afraid! Your sins are forgiven. You are my beloved one'. 
Other people may despise you but the Lord alone has the power to strengthen you. He gives you new hope and grants gift of the Holy Spirit. Consequently, you are able to rise, change your life and follow him.