Monday, 2 September 2019

Filii lucis et filii diei (1 Thes 5:5)

Jesus Christ is the Lord of the day. He comes to enlighten you. Although you can be in darkness of sin, he brings light into your soul. You might feel depressed and lonely, then he stands by your side. You never know when he appears, so you should be ready all the time. You need to open your heart for him. As a child of God you are invited to live in his light. Since you do not belong to the night or to darkness.
Maybe your friends and relatives forget about Lord Jesus. But you are the one who can remind them how precious God is in your life. 
Wake up! Read the Scripture and find the message which you look for. You are being encouraged by the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. You become joyful and peaceful when you abide with the Lord. 
Today you are to experience his divine grace and win the eternal price. You don't have to live a long life but must be united to Jesus. Thus, having met him in your inner being, you are a witness and apostle of Christ. Through his holy word you are strengthened in order to support others. 
Do not lose your faith. Keep the spirit. The Lord is your light and your strength. Be brave and ready to share the Good News. Remember that your power comes from the Lord. Visit his holy temple and savour the sweetness of the Lord. 
There is nothing else you long for but communion with God. Hope in him, hold firm and take heart. You are the child of the divine fire which burns deep in your soul. Let this truth be a reality first of all in your life and also in your sisters' and brothers'.  

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Quid est homo (Ps 8:5)

When I see beautiful flowers, lakes, mounts, sunsets and sunrises, butterflies and all things about nature, I am in awe. I can't help thinking the Creator of all.  When I listen to the sounds of waves and chirping birdies, I feel calm and relaxed. I am reminded who creates all these beauties. I can't stop saying how great, how great HE is!!! In these marvelous creations, I can see HIS might, power, and glory. 
In Psalm 8, it is clearly seen that humans are above these stunningly beautiful creations. Humans are so special. Humans are His apple of eyes. Humans have power and authority over His amazing creation.  His wonderful creation is under humans' dominion and humans are given authority to manage these universe. Why are humans so special in God's sight and favour? There are several reasons. Firstly,  it is highlighted in Psalm 8 verse 5 that humans are imago dei as also mentioned in Genesis 1:26, which means that humans are image of God in terms of moral, spiritual, and intelectual characteristics. These qualities differ humans from other creatures and other God's creations.  Secondly, God himself possessed humans' reins; covered in mothers' wombs (Psalm 139:13-16) which is in line with Isaiah 64:8 meaning that everyone of us is unique and special. God personally created us so we are God's masterpiece. We are limited edition. No one is like us even  our twins. Thirdly, we are special and precious. Nothing can compare to one's worth as higlighted in 1 Corinthians 6:20 and 1 Peter 1: 18-19. God has saved us from our sins and given us not only an eternal life but a purposeful life to be led in this temporarily world. God has purpose to create each of us and He endows us with specific talents and gifts. 
Yet, life has its ups and downs. Sometimes we are over the moon. Other times we feel discouraged,  hopeless, remorse,  and aimless. We oftentimes feel like a piece of jerk when troubles, struggles and storms hit us so badly. Again, this passage brings us to an awareness that we are special and unique in God's sight no matter what. People and world might underestimate and belittle us but God is so gracious. We are His beloved who are created in HIS likeness with capacity to perform HIS kindness and holiness and to reflect HIM. Moreover, we are saved with HIS precious Blood on the Cross. No one loves us like He does. He died on the Cross for us; HE gave HIS life for us. For that reason, let us say: I am PRECIOUS. I am PRECIOUS  I am PRECIOUS!!! 
This awareness should remind us about our identity; who we are before GOD. It also serves our faith and strenghens us to face every storm that appears in our life. 

By Daisy Ann

Monday, 26 August 2019

Christi apostoli (1 Tes 2:7)

We all are brothers and sisters in Christ. Our thoughts, words, actions are not without effect. Everything we do or think or speak has influence on us and other people. Therefore, we always have to pay attention and be careful. 
Sometimes we have bad experiences with people. Maybe in the past we were hurt by someone. Maybe now we have a hard time in the place where we live. Nonetheless, we are to draw courage through our God to speak the Gospel to everyone. Even if we struggle, we are invited to share the Good News. It is the same what Jesus did in his time and also many holy men and women. 
God chose us as his beloved children. That is why we are worthy to preach and to give a good testimony of Christian life. We neither live for ourselves nor for others. Overall, we live to praise our heavenly Father and his Son and the Holy Spirit. We are to please God who judges our hearts. 
Nowadays the world needs such witnesses who are trustworthy and brave enough. For every soul, every man, and all the universe longs for God. There is nothing else which can satisfy our longings but God. Accordingly, let us help each other to find the source of happiness and inner peace. Always with a gentle heart and love towards our brothers and sisters. 
With such affection we will be able to share with the needy not only the Gospel of God but our very selves as well. Let us love one another and make good effects on people. May our thoughts, words, actions be in accordance with the will of God. It is possible if we are united with Christ through the holy sacraments and word of God. 

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Multa habeo vobis dicere (Jn 16:12)

All the time Jesus wants to speak with us. But we are not well-prepared. We are very busy, engaged in many activities and always in a hurry. We rush from one task to the next. We are rushing through reading newspapers, listening to the music and watching TV. Consequently, we thing that there is not enough time for prayer and meditation. 
For that reason, we are to ask for the gift of the Holy Spirit with an open heart. We are to let the divine Spirit guide and lead us to the truth. Since it is the truth which is necessary to approach the living God. 
We do not have to talk much but rather listen carefully to the Lord. We should not behave as teachers but the disciples of the Word of God. As human beings we do not know the future while God keeps it in his hands. 
In this way, let us come closer to him and follow his ordinances. God will help and glorify us if only we invite him to our life. Since we cannot find happiness on our own, but only in God. 
Our life is a gift from the Lord and our fulfilment is in him. We live through his Spirit even if we do not realize it. 
Therefore, come closer to the true life in Christ. Do not focus only on the earthly things. You are much more than body and blood. You have also a spritual soul which longs for God. Only in him you can find refuge, peace and happiness. In the holy communion, you may exult and praise God in the heights. You are never alone because the Lord is always at your side. You are able to see his splendour which reaches beyong heaven and earth. You are called to abide with God for ever and ever. 

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Lux in mundum (Jn 3:19)

God is Love.
Our heavenly Father never stops loving us. On the contrary, he cares for us more and more. He wants to be with us through the Holy Spirit and abides among us in the holy sacraments, especially in the Eucharist. 
We are called to respond with love as God's beloved children and to trust him with all our heart. Moreover, we are created to live with him in the eternal Kingdom. 
The resurrected King, Son of God, Jesus Christ shows and teaches us how much God loves us. The divine love is stronger than death. 
We experience God's love contemplating the beautiful nature. Every morning we receive light from the sun which makes plants and trees grow. All the time we can choose the divine brightness and approach the source of truth which is in God. 
All of us are able to come toward the light and become holy. Our deeds, words and activities confirm the fact that we want to be children of God. Thus, we live the truth and accept the light. Consequently, we achieve happiness and inner peace. Deep in our soul we feel the presence of the Almighty and in him we take refuge in the hour of trial. 
We close our eyes in order to see our Lord and be radient with joy. By our Savior we are freed from distress and fears. We bless the Lord at all times and live in the communion with the Father and the Son in the Spirit of Love.      

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Unde sim scitis (Jn 7:28)

It is very close to Easter. In these days we continue to accompany Jesus on his cross road. Especially on Friday we remember his suffering and commemorate his death. From the Sacred Heart of Jesus we receive aboundance of grace. 
The Son of God always walks with us not openly but in secret. He wants to be with us and speak to our soul. But usually we are very busy with our duties and activities. We talk a lot, listen to the news and music, watch TV, etc. So we are not well-prepared to meet with Jesus in our heart. 
The Lord comes to visit us every day and preaches the Good News. But we have many worries and things to do. We ask the questions and we do not have enough time to hear the answer. We think that we know everything  very well and we do not need any advice. We even think that we can find out what the Lord wants from us. However, the will of God sometimes is very different from our ideas. 
Jesus Christ still cries out in the temple and teaches through the holy Scripture. So we can know who the Son of God is and recognize him. In the holy sacraments we meet with Jesus Christ. Then we confess our sins and accept absolution from his hands. By the gift of the Holy Spirit we unite ourselves with God. Consequently, we get to know the truth which is hidden deep in our souls. We realize that as children of God we are from him. The Heart of Jesus lives in our hearts and we are brothers in Christ.  

Friday, 29 March 2019

Cognoscamus Dominum (Hos 6:3)

Your soul always wants to be closer and closer to God. Your soul cries and desires to meet with the Lord. If it were possible, your soul would fly towards God.
We are human beings. Consequently, each of us has soul and body. Our body keeps us connected with the earth. Thus, you need to sleep, eat and drink in order to function. Because you have a human body, you are going to die one day. Since you have a spiritual soul, you will live for ever and ever. After your death, you will stand in the presence of the Lord.
As a child of God, you strive to know your heavenly Father. You are not an angel and you cannot see God right now. But his holy presence surrounds you everywhere and in every moment of your life. Accordingly, you are never alone. By the power of the Holy Spirit, God comes to you as the dawn and shines on you with the lifght of the sun. He touches you like the drop of the rain and makes you grow. He provides food for you from the garden and satisfies your needs.
Please, think about your desires and tell about them to the Lord. Reflect on your prayer and on feelings which you have in your soul. Lord Jesus Christ needs nothing else but your love and piety. Even if you work very hard, do not stop talking with Jesus. Through the gift of the Holy Spirit, you are to experience God’s presence in your life. May the needs of your soul and body be united. In such a way, you will do everything well and hear the beating of the Heart of Jesus.