Monday, 4 May 2020

Vir fortis leprosus (2 Kings 5:1)

The Corona virus has successfully attacked society in many parts of the world. In the face of this pandemic, fundamental questions have arisen: about the origin of this dangerous virus and the protection of human life. In the mass-media, various opinions and statements on this topic can be heard. 
How should a Christian behave? Above all, each believer should trust in God's Providence. If he asks questions, he first addresses them to God who loves all his children.
In the Second Book of Kings we read the story of Naaman, who was sick with leprosy. Although he had all the financial means and was a friend of the most powerful people, he decided to ask for help and advice from the prophet of God - Elijah. Prudence and rational knowledge were not enough. He decided to seek help from the prophet, who could read the signs of the times. The prophet of God asked the great Aramaic leader to obey him and to wash himself in the waters of Jordan. Of course, there were doubts about the effectiveness of the prayers and the prophet's wisdom. In spite of everything, Naaman trusted and surrendered to God's grace.
So we all ought to trust in God's Providence and listen to the words of the holy people. In this way we can also experience the miracle of healing from all diseases. Do we understand the most important things? Do we believe in God the Father in every moment of our life? Are we convinced that health and life depends only on God?
Lord God, we thank you for not abandoning us. We thank you for the gift of your grace. Please strengthen our faith and hope that only you are the Lord of life and death, health and disease. Amen.

Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Ascendimus Hierosolymam (Mat 20:18)

We are going to Jerusalem with Jesus. He leads us and we follow him. He is not afraid to take his cross and teaches us to be brave. As followers of Jesus we also experience the difficult moments in our life. There are people who hurt and insult us. We face sufferings and death of our beloved ones. Thus, we prepare ourselves to overcome death and to meet with our beloved Father in heaven.
During our journey we often pray and ask Jesus to help us. Sometimes our requests are not proper and we need to change them. We love Jesus with our whole heart and we trust in him. However, we are humans beings who are focused on themselves. We would like all our dreams come true. But Jesus reminds us that it is not necessary. More important is to be ready to carry our own crosses. For the difficult experiences obviously will come sooner or later.
Jesus Christ teaches us that we should not think too much about others. We do not have to judge them because we are not better than our sisters and brothers. On the contrary, we need to support and love each other. We are to pray and to ask blessings for them. 
The main thing in the spiritual life is to be very close with the Lord. If we are with Jesus, we know how to be simpathetic and to help one another. We learn from Jesus to serve and offer our own life for other people. 
Let us follow Jesus and spend much time with him. Let us listen to his words of wisdom. Let us accept our own sufferings and help others to carry their crosses. We all are pilgrims who are heading towards Jerusalem to die with Jesus on the cross and to start a new life with him too.      

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

In dilectione mea (Jn 15:9)

During the Lenten season we learn how to love God the Father. Prayer is a special occasion to talk about love with the Son of God. Moreover, we are invited to abide in the love of the Holy Spirit.
There are some requirements to love God and people. First of all, we have to obey the commandments. The commandments remind us to love God with the whole heart and to love one another similarly. Our words and deeds should be the proof of our love towards each other.
If we are peaceful and joyful, it is a good sign that we fulfil the God’s commandments and requirements. In this way we are to follow Jesus and imitate his example.
Jesus Christ prays with love, talks with love and touches the sick with love. He teaches us to forget about ourselves and our own needs.
In the holy season we should focus on God and our friends. What really does God want me to do? What is the need of my sister or brother? What do they want to share with me? Do I hear Jesus speaking to me?
And Jesus says: “You are my friend. I make you know everything about your heavenly Father. You are a beloved child of God. I choose you for an extraordinary mission so that you could achieve the heavenly kingdom”.

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Velox ad audiendum (James 1:19)

What is more difficult – listening or speaking? There are people who like to speak and there are others who prefer to listen. What kind of person are you? What is easier for you – listening or speaking? Actually in the relation with God we need to listen more carefully. The Lord is the One who is to speak and teach us. However, nowadays there are obstacles to focus on the word of God. It is not easy to meditate because there are so many noises around us. Almost all the time we are online and try to communicate with friends.
Today God wants us to break up with bad habits that are still in us. He asks us to accept his calling in order to save our souls. For that reason, we must do what the Lord tells us. It is not enough to listen to the Scriptures. We need to act and live according to the holy word.
The Lord speaks to your soul directly in the silence of prayer. He talks with you when you meditate on the divine word. You just need to look at his holy face and follow his teaching. In this way you will find happiness.
We are religious people and Christians. Accordingly, we are to spend more time in silence before the Lord. During our personal prayer we are to wait for the light of the Holy Spirit. In our daily life we also have to hear our sisters and brothers. As Jesus’ disciples we should know their needs and problems. If we get to know them better, we will not focus on ourselves any more. On the contrary, we will become more sympathetic and helpful for them. If we listen with humble heart, we will understand the purpose of life which is offering yourself for the service of the needy.

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Regina Saba (1 Kings 10:4)

We sometimes would like to test our Lord and God. We ask him very difficult questions. We want him to answer all our doubts and problems. We have so many things and ideas in our head. Moreover, there are precious people in our life. Therefore, not only our difficulties but also theirs come out.
How should we behave in the presence of the Lord?
If problems arise we need to open our mind freely for him. We can come to him and share all our troubles. But the most important thing in the spiritual life is humbleness. We should not teach God how he must act. On the contrary, we have to stand before him like disciples. We are to admire his wisdom and listen to his words carefully. We are to offer ourselves – the whole our being. We need to stay in the temple and to silence our thoughts. In this way we will receive the light of his wisdom and the gift of the Holy Spirit. We will experience how great the Lord and his majesty is. We will see clearly our life and get knowledge from him. We will be enriched in his holy presence.
But we ought to focus only on the Lord. Not thinking too much about our struggles in life. Not worrying because of sicknesses and sufferings. Thus, we will understand and feel the everlasting love of God towards us his children.
Actually, we are blessed and gifted with so many graces. For that reason, we are supposed to be more grateful rather than disappointed. Let us think and meditate on the God’s love towards us. How many blessings has he granted to us? For sure there are much more graces than problems in our life. The crucial thing is to focus on the Good News in our life rather than on the bad news which appear every day.
O my Lord, today I stand in your presence and ask you to take away all my doubts, worries and struggles. Make my soul and mind peaceful and open to receive the divine grace. May the Holy Spirit guide me and enlighten the path of my life. Amen.

Saturday, 1 February 2020

Semen Abrahae (Heb 2:16)

You are born as a child of God. What a great dignity and honor. As a result, you belong to the Christian family. Christ lives in you as well as in your brothers and sisters. Thus you are interconnected with them in the holy communion. 
You can be weak and sinful. But Jesus Christ who lives in you makes you holy and strong. He takes away all the power of the evil spirit and sanctifies you. You do not need to fear because of your past. You do not have to worry about your future. For you are a child of God. Jesus Christ who has the power even over the death sets you free. 
Obviously, you are not an angel. You make mistakes and commit sins. Actually, it is common for all human beings. Nevertheless, your heavenly Father loves you more and more. You should be proud as a part of the family of believers.   
Your faith can be strong like the faith of Abraham. In addition, you are able to follow the example of the Son of God - Jesus Christ. Like him you also must be a compassionate and trustworthy person. 
Stay in communion with all your brothers and sisters. If temptations and troubles appear, come closer to Jesus. If you feel lonely and abandoned, embrace Jesus with all your strength. If other people hurt you, respond with love and patience. 
As a beloved child of God, you can overcome all kinds of difficulties. Furthermore, you ought to become a messanger of divine love towards the world. Since Jesus Christ abides in you and makes you capable of preaching the Good News. He purifies you from your weaknesses and sins for the holy offering to God the Father. So allow him make miracle in your life.  

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Surge in medium (Mk 3:3)

Miracles ususally happen in the church where the community of believers pray together. Because Jesus Christ is present among them. He always comes to see our weaknesses and problems. Sometimes there are troubles which we cannot resolve on our own. We are paralysed by bad experiences, sickness or worries. We even do not trust that Jesus can cure us completely. But obviously he has the power to make us healthy and strong. 
The crutial thing is to open your heart with all your wounds. Do not be afraid to share with Jesus everything which is difficult. Put your problem in the middle between you and the Son of God. Give name to your struggles, fears and enemies. Believe that Jesus is much stronger than all other things. He wants to heal you in your spirit, soul and body. He helps you focus on the good and beautiful memories. 
Do not be silent. Pray with your whole strength and faith Ask Jesus to make you free form your mistakes, weaknesses and sins. Remember that your vocation is to live a holy, joyful and happy life. Today is the right time to start again with Jesus as a free person. Your life is precious in the eyes of the Lord and for that reason you should feel loved, chosen and called. Choose the Lord as your rock. Make him your love and fortress. Praise him as your saviour. 
In this way you can overcome all the difficulties and problems. There is no other person who can heal your but the Son of God - Jesus Christ. Let's sing a new song in the community of believers. Bless and worship the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.