Monday, 12 February 2018

In tentationibus variis (Jas 1:2)

You should discover your vocation and try to recognize the will of God. If you accept that you are a servant who needs to follow the example of Jesus Christ, you will be peaceful and happy. Even if troubles come, you will not give up. If you encounter difficulties, you will go through keeping faith. Although you fall down and commit sin, you will not stop looking for holiness. 
Obviously, you could not be such a hero, without the divine grace. But with the gift of the Holy Spirit, you become perfect and complete. If you don't know what decision to make, ask for wisdom. If you are afraid, pray to God in order to grow stronger. If you lack joy, go to the church before the Holy Sacrament. 
Since everything is possible for the one who trusts in the Lord. On the contrary, the person who doubts is often depressed and unhappy. The true Christian is stable in all ways and acts according to the conscience. Thus, they live a good life and receive the God's blessings. Moreover, the disciples of Christ help others to find God and to love him with the whole heart.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Spiritum immundum (Mk 7:25)

We learn from Jesus his attitude towards all the people. Even if he is tired or wants to be alone, he never rejects the needy. He knows very well the value of solitude and prayer but at the same time he cares and loves everyone. For that reason, when he sees someone in trouble, he tries to help this person. 
People on the earth have many problems in various fields. They become sick in their soul and body. Moreover, the evil spirit tempts them so they commit sins. Sometimes they decline morally so low that they are not able to get up on their own. It happens that they cannot find consolation. 
Therefore, Jesus Christ teaches us to spot the lowly and to answer with love. He encourages people to fall into the arms of God. He does not give the simple lessons but he is very strict and demanding. 
In this way, Jesus helps the needy to express their main problem. While he notices that the person is humble, he makes the miracle. His words have the power to make demons escape. From Jesus' life we take a lesson of faith and love towards God the Father and towards every man and woman.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Propter arcam Dei (2 Sm 6:12)

Every encounter with the Lord gives joy into your heart. When you come closer to him, you feel his presence more and more. When you offer your time for him, you achieve peace and happiness. In his holy presence, you are at home.
So rejoice and praise the Lord as often as you can. Join the community of believers and sing the beautiful song of worship. Invite the Lord into your soul and prepare place for him. 
Yes, he wants to stay with you all the time. Therefore, pitch the tent for the Lord and journey through life with him. Offer to the Lord everything you have and everything you are. 
Do not be ashamed to love him more than others and show him your attachment. Thus, you will experience his blessing and will be able to share it with your sisters and brothers. 
It is your vocation as the beloved disciple of your Master. The Lord chooses you to help your beloved ones. You are the one who can distribute the divine graces to the world. His Holy Spirit operates through your deeds and acts. Overall, you are the herald of the Good News and the Kingdom of God.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Filius hominis (Mk 2:10)

There are days when you come closer to Jesus and feel his presence in your soul. You may have plenty of work and many tasks to do, but you welcome the Son of God and spend time with him. He is in the centre of your life and his words are noticed by you.
You tell Jesus about everything and share all your troubles and problems. Although you are not sure how to start and feel embarrassed, you have the courage to open yourself because you trust him wholeheartedly. 
While you are lost, fallen or depressed,  you look for Jesus and find consolation in his arms. When you make mistakes and commit sins, you let him embrace you with his love, mercy and compassion. 
Jesus Christ always speaks to you with a loud voice: 'Child, do not be afraid! Your sins are forgiven. You are my beloved one'. 
Other people may despise you but the Lord alone has the power to strengthen you. He gives you new hope and grants gift of the Holy Spirit. Consequently, you are able to rise, change your life and follow him.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

In Spiritu Sancto (Jn 1:33)

Look at Jesus coming towards you in the New Year. Pay attention and focus on him in order to know what to do in every situation. See in Jesus the power of God which is the Holy Spirit. 
Jesus Christ takes away your sins and has mercy on you. He is the only One who cares unselfishly and offers his life for you. 
Jesus is stronger than everyone who fights against you. Jesus is greater than everything which overwhelms you. 
This New Year, try to know Jesus more and feel his Love that flows from his divine Heart. Come closer to him in the holy sacraments and listen carefully to his voice through the Bible. 
Ask for the Spirit of Jesus so you could behave like him and make the same decisions as he did. Fulfill the will of the Father who has created you and appointed for the tasks which you are to do. Open your soul and receive his blessing which you can share with your sisters and brothers. Make the difference in your life and change your attitude. In the Spirit of Jesus testify that all the children of God are called to walk in holiness.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Verbo Domini (Sir 48:3)

In those special days we are eager for the prophetic words. For the words which can enlighten and kindle our hearts. For the words of the Lord who speaks to our soul directly. Without his holy words we neither choose rightly nor rejoice in our life. 
We do not need the words of people which often make us confused and hurt. They do not have the power to change the actual state of our mind. For that reason, we desire the Word from the heavenly Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Only this holy Word is able to bring fire from heaven to the earth. Only this divine Word makes wonders and miracles in our life. Only this Word of God should be praised and honored by people all the time. 
As Christians, we listen to the Word carefully and follow the divine teaching. Thus, we know that all of us are united in Christ and called to achieve happiness in the Kingdom of God. By the Word we are taught how to love each other with tenderness and patience. In this Word we become holier and closer to God.

Monday, 11 December 2017

A Patre meo (Lk 10:22)

The declaration of Jesus invites us to see the goodness of our heavenly Father that we experience daily in our lives. God is good and abundant in his grace. As children of God, we receive this abundance of grace in our own realities. It is the Holy Spirit who helps us to notice these superfluous gifts poured on us. When we allow ourselves to be touched and guided by the Holy Spirit, we are able to see the wonders which God does in our lives. Then the unworthy becomes worthy, the weak becomes strong, the moron becomes wise, the blind gets vision, the wayward gets a direction etc. For nothing is impossible to God, when one commits his own life for the Spirit to flow through.
The season of Advent bids us to open our eyes and look at the creation with the eyes of a child. Let the irresistible sentiments of gratitude to our Creator rise up and find joyful expression in our being and doing (by s. Jessy Paul SSpS).