Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Lux in mundum (Jn 3:19)

God is Love.
Our heavenly Father never stops loving us. On the contrary, he cares for us more and more. He wants to be with us through the Holy Spirit and abides among us in the holy sacraments, especially in the Eucharist. 
We are called to respond with love as God's beloved children and to trust him with all our heart. Moreover, we are created to live with him in the eternal Kingdom. 
The resurrected King, Son of God, Jesus Christ shows and teaches us how much God loves us. The divine love is stronger than death. 
We experience God's love contemplating the beautiful nature. Every morning we receive light from the sun which makes plants and trees grow. All the time we can choose the divine brightness and approach the source of truth which is in God. 
All of us are able to come toward the light and become holy. Our deeds, words and activities confirm the fact that we want to be children of God. Thus, we live the truth and accept the light. Consequently, we achieve happiness and inner peace. Deep in our soul we feel the presence of the Almighty and in him we take refuge in the hour of trial. 
We close our eyes in order to see our Lord and be radient with joy. By our Savior we are freed from distress and fears. We bless the Lord at all times and live in the communion with the Father and the Son in the Spirit of Love.      

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Unde sim scitis (Jn 7:28)

It is very close to Easter. In these days we continue to accompany Jesus on his cross road. Especially on Friday we remember his suffering and commemorate his death. From the Sacred Heart of Jesus we receive aboundance of grace. 
The Son of God always walks with us not openly but in secret. He wants to be with us and speak to our soul. But usually we are very busy with our duties and activities. We talk a lot, listen to the news and music, watch TV, etc. So we are not well-prepared to meet with Jesus in our heart. 
The Lord comes to visit us every day and preaches the Good News. But we have many worries and things to do. We ask the questions and we do not have enough time to hear the answer. We think that we know everything  very well and we do not need any advice. We even think that we can find out what the Lord wants from us. However, the will of God sometimes is very different from our ideas. 
Jesus Christ still cries out in the temple and teaches through the holy Scripture. So we can know who the Son of God is and recognize him. In the holy sacraments we meet with Jesus Christ. Then we confess our sins and accept absolution from his hands. By the gift of the Holy Spirit we unite ourselves with God. Consequently, we get to know the truth which is hidden deep in our souls. We realize that as children of God we are from him. The Heart of Jesus lives in our hearts and we are brothers in Christ.