Thursday, 13 July 2017

Capilli numerati (Mt 10:30)

Heavenly father knows everything and nothing is hidden from him. If he has to know everything, he has to be present everywhere. That means there is no particle of creation devoid of God. When Christ tells us that we are worth more than many sparrows, he points out at our higher consciousness that distinguishes us from the rest of the animals and plants. God wishes that in our free will through our consciousness we reach and merge with him. Jesus tells us that since God knows everything, there is nothing we can call to God’s attention. He knows our every thought, word, deed, dream, feeling, virtue and vice as well. This knowledge leads us to a total surrender and comforts us in times of trials and troubles. In our human frailty, we may fail to understand or give understanding to others, but God does never fails!
It is so clear in his great design we are born to particular parents in a particular society and environment. It is he who directs significant people and events into our lives. He knows our every need, even before we ask. Therefore, it is foolish to sit before the Lord with our begging bowls asking him to satisfy our innumerable earthly needs and wants. Let us humbly submit ourselves to his divine will and say, “Lord I gratefully accept all that you have given me without any regret and I say yes to all that is in store for me in the days to come.” Let us live every moment knowing that we are precious to our God and he provides us with everything in his own time.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

De vultu tuo (Ps 17:2)

Let us seek the face of Christ. We know that it is possible to find him and to abide in him. The Lord can be found only if we live in justice and pray ardently from our lips, without deceiving. Our Lord wants to be with us and in our hearts. However, it depends on us whether our thoughts are pure.
The Holy Spirit can act through us when our souls are clean. For this reason, as fragile and weak human beings, we should very often ask for forgiveness and God's grace. We are unable to sanctify ourselves on our own.
Therefore, day by day, we cry to the Lord who answers us. Although our prayers are not always correct, we do not give up. We pray the Lord to incline his ear and to kindly look upon us. Moreover, we believe that he can offer us his blessings and mercy.
As the Lord's followers, we flee from our foes under and find shelter under his divine protection. We hide ourselves in the shadow of his arms. We are always accepted as his beloved friends and satisfied in his presence.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Super fundamentum apostolorum (Eph 2:20)

The Apostles are the examples for us. Moreover, they support and intercede for us. They are holy ones while we are striving for holiness. They live in the community of saints in the kingdom of God while we are still on the journey. They were taught by Jesus himself and we also need his teaching. Jesus Christ was the centre of their lives and we need to keep him in our hearts too. Without Jesus they would have been the ordinary people, but with his Spirit they became the models and heres. 
Similarly we are to follow them with the divine grace. We can become like them - the sacred temples where the Holy Spirit abides. Every day we are invited to live in the closer relation with Jesus. Our souls should change into the dwelling place of God's Spirit. 
In this way in the 21st century we testify as the disciple of Jesus to the whole world and tell the Good News. The modern world needs such Christians who praise the Lord and glorify him among people. Since everyone is called to be holy and faithful according to the image of the Son of God.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Tu es Christus (Mt 16:16).

In the evolving human relationship, it is natural that individuals seek out how the perceive each other. It happens because of a human limitation. But at the same time, it is a chance for the better undersdanding of one another and of the nature of relation too. 
Jesus asks such a crucial question to Peter: 'Who do you say I am?' This query compels Peter to sum up his own experience and knowwledge of Jesus. The Lord comes down to the level of the ordinary fisherman in order to ask such a question. This attitude transforms Peter himself. 
Jesus takes initiative to verbalize who his disciple is and what he can become. And exactly the same can happen in our lives tooo. God chooses us as we are and where we are. Hence it is our task to give ourselves to be revealed and guided by God himself. How weak and inadequate we may perceive ourselves, God does have a wonderful plan for us. We just need to get to know Jesus in our daily life. 
Nature, genuine human relationships, Sacred Scriptures, prayer, contemplation, etc. may serve for us. These tools take us to the higher consciousness of God himself. Thus, we are guided by by the divine Wisdom to fulfil the tasks that are destined for us (by s. Jessy Paul SSpS).

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Audite et attendite (Is 49:1)

The foundation of the spiritual life is listening to God. The point is to get to know when the Lord is speaking. Actually, he is your first Teacher, from the moment of your conception. Through his angels and by the power of the Holy Spirit, you are constantly being taught how to live. The Lord tells you what your vocation is and which path you should choose. Not all roads are appropriate for you. For this reason, as a disciple, you are to follow his instructions and go further in holiness. If you decide to hear the voice of the Lord, you can be sure that your life will have a purpose and deeper meaning. Also, your strengths and talents will be used for good purposes. Finally, you will receive your reward in the heavenly kingdom and be reconciled with God. Your life is worth living since you are being formed by the Lord. Thus, you become a holy person who fulfils the will of God. Moreover, in this way, you show others the example of a Christian life. You are glorious in the sight of the Lord and become a light to all the people on the earth.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Estote perfecti (Mt 5:48)

You are a child of your heavenly Father and for this reason you have important duties. First of all, you need to pray for all your sisters and brothers throughout the world. These include not just your friends and relatives, but also your enemies and persecutors. This is the way your Father feels towards everyone all the time and everywhere. He loves all his children even if they commit sins and reject his divine love. He shows his interest all the time and is ready to support the needy. You yourself have probably not always been a good child. But you wanted to be loved and to receive forgiveness. You also did not behave properly towards all other people in your life. Nonetheless, deep in your soul you felt that your behavior was unjust and you regreted it. You are a beloved child of God and therefore you are to become holy and to show progress in this. You are not supposed to behave like sinners who forget about their vocation to holiness. Your behavior should be perfect so that all people will see that your are a child of your heavenly Father.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Munus tuum (Mth 5:23)

God’s nature is all about an indefinable love and overwhelming sense of peace that embraces the whole creation. The two trillion galaxies, numerous black holes, supernovas and all the living form in the universe, explicitly proclaim the greatness and wisdom of God. Every creature is in the harmony with God the great Harmonizer. God is present in the universe, filling it, hovering over it and in many other ways that my human mind cannot comprehend. One thing I am sure that the Author of my life and of my brothers and sisters is the same God. The reality that we are all made in the image and likeness of God brings home the knowledge that we are inter connected in the dimension of our body and spirit. This is the common thread that God wants us to keep alive! Our God deeply desires that we own again this reality, renew it time to time specially when something does not work with the interconnectedness and harmony. God loves that we regain this consciousness with effort to reconcile with our estranged neighbour, than proceeding with gifts and sacrifices to him. This interconnectedness and brotherhood can even be fostered through profound silence and prayer, dying to one’s own ego, respecting the uniqueness of the other, observing rituals of reconciliation,  embracing a holistic approach to life, etc. Then, we can say that we are on the path that leads to the court of the divine (by s. Jessy Paul SSpS).