Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Estote perfecti (Mt 5:48)

You are a child of your heavenly Father and for this reason you have important duties. First of all, you need to pray for all your sisters and brothers throughout the world. These include not just your friends and relatives, but also your enemies and persecutors. This is the way your Father feels towards everyone all the time and everywhere. He loves all his children even if they commit sins and reject his divine love. He shows his interest all the time and is ready to support the needy. You yourself have probably not always been a good child. But you wanted to be loved and to receive forgiveness. You also did not behave properly towards all other people in your life. Nonetheless, deep in your soul you felt that your behavior was unjust and you regreted it. You are a beloved child of God and therefore you are to become holy and to show progress in this. You are not supposed to behave like sinners who forget about their vocation to holiness. Your behavior should be perfect so that all people will see that your are a child of your heavenly Father.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Munus tuum (Mth 5:23)

God’s nature is all about an indefinable love and overwhelming sense of peace that embraces the whole creation. The two trillion galaxies, numerous black holes, supernovas and all the living form in the universe, explicitly proclaim the greatness and wisdom of God. Every creature is in the harmony with God the great Harmonizer. God is present in the universe, filling it, hovering over it and in many other ways that my human mind cannot comprehend. One thing I am sure that the Author of my life and of my brothers and sisters is the same God. The reality that we are all made in the image and likeness of God brings home the knowledge that we are inter connected in the dimension of our body and spirit. This is the common thread that God wants us to keep alive! Our God deeply desires that we own again this reality, renew it time to time specially when something does not work with the interconnectedness and harmony. God loves that we regain this consciousness with effort to reconcile with our estranged neighbour, than proceeding with gifts and sacrifices to him. This interconnectedness and brotherhood can even be fostered through profound silence and prayer, dying to one’s own ego, respecting the uniqueness of the other, observing rituals of reconciliation,  embracing a holistic approach to life, etc. Then, we can say that we are on the path that leads to the court of the divine (by s. Jessy Paul SSpS).

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Fiduciam habemus (2 Cor 3:4)

As a weak person I have confidence through Christ toward God. For I am aware that I can fall, make mistakes and even commit sins. Therefore, I am not worthy to take credit for any good as coming from myself. Because everything what is good in my life comes from the grace of God. I am only a minister of the holy sacraments and a preacher of the Good News. 
Accordingly, I try my best to be connected in the Holy Spirit with the Lord. Thus, my life can be maintained and sustained. In addition, I am able to help my sisters and brothers in their stuggles and difficulties. Obviously, I cannot divine the mistery of the God's presence in the world. I just see the pieces of such a great Holiness and do the ministry of righteousness among people. 
I feel that the divine glory surpasses me all the time. I also accept that I will finally fade and die. Nonetheless, I keep strong faith that I will be enjoying the everlasting life in the heavenly kingdom of God.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Reddamus honorem (Tb 12:1)

Giving thanks is crutial in a Christian's life. First of all, we must show thankfulness towards God and then also the angels, saints and people. When you give thanks, you acknowledge that you depend on others. It also shows the attitude of your heart that you are eager to share the prosperity and richness of your soul. If you know how to be thankful, you are at peace and loved by others. However, you need to thank discreetly and not to make it public. 
The grateful Christian always praises God and respects good people around him. He is sure that his life is a gift and that he has received everything. For that reason, you are supposed to bless the Lord of all creation and do good for his creatures. The best way of giving thanks is praying and supporting your brothers and sisters in their lives. For when you pray, good angels present your intentions before the Glory of the Lord. Thus, goodness and holiness spread throughout the whole world. Moreover, the human hearts are being healed and filled with the divine grace.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Ave gratia plena (Lk 1:28)

Angels support all people in the world, but they particularly protect all mothers. These heavenly spirits are sent by God to look after women who are about to give birth. In addition, the angels take care of all the single women who are in need. God created this beautiful world and ordered his servants to be with all of mankind. Thus, God knows every person by name and no one is excluded from his fatherly love. As the best Father, he reminds every woman about her own beauty and the special vocation to be a mother biologically and spiritually. Therefore, every woman should be aware of God's call and fulfill these divine ordinances. Even if fear appears in a woman's heart, with God's grace everything is possible for the one who believes. The heavenly Father, through the good spirits and other people, leads a woman and assures her that she is never alone. Every woman is the beloved daughter of God and throughout her whole life she is also invited to discover this divine favor. She is supposed to give life and bear fruit for the world. The most precious fruit is Jesus, the Son of God, whom every person can bring into the world thanks to the power of the Holy Spirit.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Ut omnes unum (Jn 17:21)

Father, I in them and you in me,
Proclaims my heart in hope and love.
For my chosen ones lay in doubt,
Pricked by the spear of disunity.

Father, you are in me and I am in you,
Prompt them to be one in us.
For the world may heed my voice:
You alone sent me here on earth.

Father, I love them just as you love me,
Precious are the gifts you give me in them.
Fearless I would die a thousand times,
And you will raise me up in your glory.

Father, long have I known you as you know me,
Loved and cared from eternity.
I cared to live and proclaim your will,
Dare they know your design destined.

Father, pour your love I pray that they,
Savour it, as honey for a bee in stroll.
That may I dwell in their hearts,
Forever gleaming in your glory.

Father, gracious to fetch your children,
Mould them in your dream.
Plunge them in the light of your joy,
Make them over a perfect band of unity.
(by s. Jessy Paul SSpS)

Monday, 29 May 2017

Nunc scimus (Jn 16:30)

We usually have many doubts and questions towards God. We would like to ask him about our past and future. We even are not sure about the here and now. For that reason we are to spend more time on the contemplative prayer. For while we sit in silence, we recognize that all these troubles disappear from our mind. We also start to believe that our God is omnipotent and we do not have to worry too much. 
The Son of God tells us that the most dangerous is leaving God and living on your own with your problems. Since Satan wants us to be scattered and shut in depression. But Jesus assures that we are never alone because our Father is always with us. Knowing this fact we have inner peace in spite of troubles and difficulties. Moreover, in the Spirit of Christ we take courage and overcome everything.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Gaudium vestrum (Jn 16:22)

The saints and sages often hear their hearts throbbing with joy, a joy that overwhelms and lasts! What about us, the ordinary imperfect human beings? I believe, there is fleeing moments of joy in every one’s life however messy it may seem to be. For instance, we witness gushing of such deep joy  while gazing at a new born and listens to its first cry or when we share the silent and profound presence of a loved one. We feel the stirrings of joy, when we bathe ourselves in the golden rays of a sun set or when we cast our eyes into the deep blue waters and the skies.  Joy beacons us when we feel soaked by the unconditional love of God during moments of prayer and solitude, when we wonder at the miracle of blooming smile on a dear one’s face or when we sustain a narrow escape from a life and death situation. We are to understand that these are passing moments and do not give lasting joy. Because here our joy depends on what happens outside of us. Obviously, these luring moments can impel one to abandon oneself into the great ocean of joy which God offers. That means we need to contemplate on these little joys that occur at the level of our senses with a liberated mind, leading to a joy that is beyond the senses. The real joy cannot come from outside sources but it emanates from our consciousness, our being, where we are united with the Holy Spirit.
This is the kind of joy that Jesus offers us today as He says, “Your heart will rejoice and no one will take your joy from you”. He invites us to the joy of having His Spirit within. The Holy Spirit graces us with all what we need in order to pass through our earthly pilgrimage. The Spirit unites all the scattered elements of our life to a whole factor in time and space. Such birthing moments may initially seem to be painful but eventually turns into moments of joy. Consequently, we claim our identity as the beloved of God. We just need to be receptive and say, “I don’t judge anything but I let things happen in the power of Jesus’ Spirit in my life, here and now” (by s. Jessy Paul SSpS).

Friday, 19 May 2017

In dilectione mea (Jn 15:10)

The earnest desire of God for every human being is expressed in the most precious words: “Remain  in my Love”. This invitation impels one to establish a personal relationship with God at first on the solid foundation. So not only falling in love with Jesus is sufficient but also one needs to find ways to sustain that love at any cost. Different stages of the interpersonal relationship throw light on the benefits and pitfall while two individuals desire to live and love each other. Eventually what keeps them bonded even when life goes tough is not the initial attraction but the decision to love one another despite of the personal limitations. There love becomes a gratuitous gift and the partners need not to earn love but just to receive and share it. 
Truly God loves us unconditionally and his love is beyond any comparison. To help us remain in love we accept commandments, take vows, make promises or sign into marriage contracts according to the way of our life. However, we need to remind ourselves that these should not become ends but they are just means for us to reach God. According to Jesus, love of God and love of neighbour are equal and complement each other. One should come to the awareness that we cannot please God and earn his love by reciting prayers, doing charity or taking on many religious rituals. We are loved from eternity as children of God and for that reason we don’t have to earn this love. Prayers and observance of commandments do not please God extra but help us remain in his love. Once we know the breadth and depth of God’s love, we just abandon ourselves in that universal flow. Our joy is complete only when we become one with the divine love (by s. Jessy Paul SSpS).