Monday, 2 December 2013

Rogate quae ad pacem (Ps 122:6).

Pray for the peace.

The Christian is full of joy when he is thinking about God. For only a thought of the Beloved can make a believer happy. Moreover, the closer he comes towards the Lord, the greater his happines becomes. For that reason, every day he tries to strengthen the relationship with the Holy Spirit. In this deep relation he gives thanks for the gifts he has already received and asks for more graces. The first gift of the Son of God is peace. Accordingly, if you love the Lord wholeheartedly, your mind and heart are fulfilled with  the divine peace. So you are able to prosper and progress in faith. Also you can trust God who supports you in the difficult time and saves you from all kinds of troubles. With his help you manage to resolve the biggest problems in your life. Even if you are suffering dreadfully, you hope that his Spirit is upon you. This awareness comforts you and helps to survive the darkest moments in peace.

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